Poetry Challenge ‘American Gothic’

Poetry Challenge ‘American Gothic’

(This poem is written in response to Lynda’s poetry challenge over at Bookstains, one of two sites she runs. The painting, which many of you probably recognise, is by Grant Wood. Lynda asked people to interpret the painting anyway they wished and to write a poem on their ideas. I kidnapped this idea from Jessica’s Japes.  So, here’s mine!)


forget Mary and

your four kids

keep staring at her

perky milk bottles I

swear I’ll find a

new use for that



Pamela A. Rossow




16 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge ‘American Gothic’”

  1. Let me see! Let me see!
    Surely he wouldn’t be,
    Caught by the hidden U Tube,
    Staring at perky milk bottles!

    Don’t know what all the excitement is about,
    Bottles and U Tube don’t rhyme, is there doubt?

  2. And he looks such a straightlaced old man too 😀 It’s hardly surprising his sister disapproves….lol
    Funny – made me smile! Thanks for your contribution Pamanner 🙂

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