I am not posting this song because it was my wedding song.  I am posting it for two special people in my life.

Special people,  you must know that this kind of love is the only kind that will not fail you.  It is the best way I can love you, the right way to love you, the most sincere way to love you.  This love I’m referring to doesn’t remain seated warming the chair. This love doesn’t shuffle its feet and walk slowly away from all that it right and honest.  This love isn’t a foot rest that exists for you to kick your feet up and chill on.  When smacked down, however, it gets up over and over  and over again.  It is true, faithful, and unconditional.  It is the best part of me I can offer you.   Do not bring in the concrete mixer and begin pouring and pouring until the walls are so high, the light is so remote, that you get scratched and bruised and cut trying to claw your way out.  Keep your hearts and minds open to the love that you knew and believed in.



6 thoughts on “Love”

  1. I love that song from Petra. Once upon a time, I used to hear it many times in a day. I enjoyed reading your short, simple and true revelation of love. Though I am in love, after reading your post, I want to fall in love and relive the feeling of feeling love for the first time.

    Thanks Pam for this splendid post.

    Joy always,

    1. Awh. . . Susan. Yes, I was a big Petra fan back in the day 🙂 Beyond Belief was one of my favorite compilations. That song was, at the time, the perfect wedding song because it summed up who we knew was the source of our love. Unfortunately, it (the marriage) didn’t last but I’m done blaming God for much of the events that unfolded. I’m too tired. We, as humans, make choices. Some make inappropriate choices (continue to do so) and those decisions affect many of us negatively. I can’t tackle the problem of evil either!!!!!! I’m leaving it alone, too! I’m happy you’re still in love. It’s a huge blessing. I’ve been on a journey and I need that first time love again. I have to be patient. Thanks for sharing!!!!

      With love,


  2. Once upon a time I thought I was in love. I married the girl and took her to the mountains.

    Twenty years after the fact, we are going back, still married. We don’t sit and hold hands. We no longer fight just so we can make up. But it is twenty years later and we are going back.

    We both hope the same can be said for forty years.

    1. The world (and I) need to hear beautiful, not perfect, love stories. So much of what is shown in our world might have the label of love slapped on it but in reality is the furthest from it. Your story made me feel hopeful tonight. I wish the mountains bring you and your wife peace, rest, and a place to just “be” in love. Many blessings. Thanks for sharing Tim.

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