To Wear Rainbows Again

She longed to be
clothed in rainbows –
stained in perfect
hues of red, orange,
purple, yellow, indigo,
green, and violet.

Soaked in dripping shades of
fulfilled promises and
unwavering trust.

She yearned to be
drenched in joy –
illuminated in the perfect
light of glass mosaics.

Emerald, amber, violet,
Egyptian blue, ruby, and glowing
in incense colors of
answered prayers and
unshakeable faith.

She needed to be
held in love –
clasped in perfect
arms of the one with
fire, water, wind.

Soothed in the
embrace of
eternal solace and
rekindled hope.

© Pamela Rossow

54 thoughts on “To Wear Rainbows Again”

  1. Love the imagery of longing to be covered in rainbows! Reminds me a little of the cloak of many colours. We all want to be so special at times that we warrant one, don’t we? Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m looking for a rainbow,
    Mine is covered by 14 inches of snow,
    Any warm thoughts you’re keeping within,
    They’ll melt the snow, so please send.

  3. “she longed to be; clothed in rainbows” “fulfilled promises and; unwavering trust”
    “she yearned to be; drenched in joy” “answered prayers and; unshakeable faith”
    “she needed to be; held in love” “eternal solace and; re-kindled hope”

    Beautiful and sweet. Absolutely lovely!

  4. The rainbow but comes between sun and rain
    That is when we should be embracing
    They say

    Yet to hold onto the rain and the bow long enough
    You will be holding love in your heart and glow.

    My attempt at a Poem… hehe

    Cheers P

  5. That could so be me right now, this drab weather gets to you and the thought of being clothed in rainbows and drenched in joy is bliss 🙂

  6. Let her yearnings and longings be filled,
    her needs met, and her hopes rekindled. She yearns and longs for beautiful colors but her inside beauty shines as she is held and soothed, her path smoothed.
    She’s a special lady.

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