Monday Memory

A Monday Memory inspired by Mary .  Share your memory in the comment section below!

A day in the rain when my children were little. Bittersweet memories I will never forget and hold deep within the recesses of my heart.

18 thoughts on “Monday Memory”

  1. I cant help but walk and giggle in rain storms. and my oldest daughter is the same way. This was in front of our house and it a long session of going out, getting wet, rain stops, starts again. We would be wet, then damp, then wet again…
    I love their faces in this picture. Thats the happy I know!

  2. You had so many precious memories with your children. One day they will remember and appreciate all you did and still do. I love seeing this photo — such innocent, happy days.

    1. Yes Mary I do! I loved walking barefoot through puddles 🙂 Glad you started this! Bittersweet but great to reflect on our personal histories! Sigh, to be that young and carefree. . .

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