Arresting Shadows

she stands swept
hair whipping her
face a moon sliver
glinting off the black
blue waves faint night
light reflected in her
eyes just enough
illumination to arrest
shadows kindle a
spark for tomorrow

Β©   Pamela A. Rossow

27 thoughts on “Arresting Shadows”

  1. I love the ocean at night,
    feeling the breeze in my hair,
    watching the waves catch the light,
    listening to the ocean’s heartbeat there,
    watching the tide creep closer in,
    all my sorrows being washed away,
    and in the space left within,
    all the joys of a new day,
    are left to celebrate,
    the tide goes out,
    all love, no hate,
    without a doubt,
    Within the sea,
    And me.

    I love the ocean and your poem woke my muse.

    1. Wow! Love the beauty and ease with which you rhyme. . .the ocean is one of my top muses πŸ™‚ Love the line “listening to the ocean’s heartbeat there.” There is space. . .lots of space to just “be” there! Emotions included!

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