you say?
I beg to differ.
Only gently fingered.
At worst, maybe-
slightly dented.
It’s surely not my fault
the box lacked the little, white slip
that’s supposed to accompany them.
It’s not like they’re all smushed-
just the ones that taste like drunken pina coladas,
tangy, orange creamsicles,
and tart, cherry cordials.
Only two, creamy caramels in the bunch,
can you believe it?
Have some, really-
I don’t mind.
Take them to work then.
Throw them where?
Suit yourself.

© Pamela A. Rossow


4 thoughts on “Valentine”

  1. Okay, I’m just going to confess. It’ll do the soul good. On Valentine’s Day when a box of chocolates come my way, I bite each piece to see what’s inside. Then place the bitten piece back in the box in case others want to sample the remains as well. Which they never do.

  2. Sweets for a sweet one. All those candies just sitting there, waiting for someone special. Sure, take one or two or how about as many as you want.
    Fun poem, especially with February 14th just around the corner.

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