I subscribe to you

your RSS feed

emotions hopes

fears dreams spilled

pressed networked

on-line a way to

glimpse bits of

soul keyboarded

into existence

I subscribe to you

your RSS feed

capturing pieces of

raw unedited you

Pamela A. Rossow


8 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. My first thought: perfection! Second thought: I need RSS feed:) Funny, but I’ve been in the same vein today as you, thinking about the new connections I’ve made with other writers in the blogosphere. I just haven’t written about it yet. But I’m inspired by your poem here. There might be one forthcoming in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned…

    1. Thank-you sweet woman! Yes, you do need one! I have been reflecting and am grateful. I’m so blessed to have my best friend in this blogosphere and many new friends as well. Can’t wait to read your upcoming post. . .

  2. Glimpsing bits of soul, fears, dreams, homes, keyboarded into existence—-seeing each person with soul and heart bared,unguarded, unedited, not cleaned up, wounds, scars, and baggage, just as he/she really is, could be very scary. On the other hand, seeing just a nice stable person might be refreshing.

    1. And you’re still reading my blog, lol? Everyone who is honest with their self, is often all those things combined: soul, heart, wounds, scars, baggage, dreams, hopes, beauty, dark, light. It’s simply a matter of self-awareness whether someone presents as “stable.” 🙂

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