Smooth Jazz Saturday

Yep, it’s a smooth jazz kinda day in SoFlo–0vercast, chilly, gloomy. Perfect day for writing interspersed with some old school jazz like Chet Baker, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. Some modern artists as well like Diana Krall, Norah Jones, and my favorite, Kurt Elling. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend wherever in the world you are!


10 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz Saturday”

  1. Shoveling snow in the mornings, baking apple pies in the afternoon, reading and writing in the evening, and late nite calls to my three children in CA, the artist, the musician, and the writer. I like your choice of musicians although I’d throw in a few others like Stan G. and Kenny G.

    1. Very nice, the baking that is. . .snow shoveling, not so much! Great to have three, creative children as well! I hope mine utilize their creative talents as they mature! I like lots of different musicians. . .my brother included πŸ™‚

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