managed to fall
off the grid despite the
constellation of satellites
orbiting the earth 24 to
be precise

outwitted the radio
signals and triangulation
transmitting calculations
pinpointing exact

escape a troposphere
delay or signal multipath
maybe a receiver clock
error no way intentional

a casualty of prior Selective
Availability most likely
in denial assuming thereโ€™s
a legit reason for your

ยฉย Pamela A. Rossow


7 thoughts on “GPS”

  1. When all the technology at our disposal falls, then perhaps there are too many walls, layers of silence wrapped around, tightly bound, nowhere to be found, and everything I know, leaves me waiting here below,
    For the GPS to tell, that you are well, while all along, I want to ask what went wrong.
    Modern technology to seek where you are,
    But I think I’d simply ask a lonely star.

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