SoFlo Wuss

So I am a wuss.  But, hey!  I’m a native South Floridian so what can I say?  It’s not that I don’t like thirty degree weather.  I do, mostly.  It’s just that I’m not adequately prepared for what thirty something weather requires, like warm socks (not flip-flops) and jackets that aren’t comprised of a thin layer of cotton.  When Steve Weagle (my favorite, local meteorologist) issues his “snuggle alerts,” I know I’m in for it, big time.  So, for those of you travelling to frigid, white places this holiday season, be safe and stay warm.  I’ll be here in South Florida freezing my exposed toes off!

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12 thoughts on “SoFlo Wuss

  1. That is such an amazing picture!! Yea, I live up in The (now covered) Great White North (Canada) and while it’s all normal to me I can sort of see how this snow and cold business could present some issues for someone from Florida, or any other warm all year round place (that’s the traditional theory anyway :P).
    Do you have a larger version of that photograph? I would love to see it posted on our humble little blog, toemail. You could submit it yourself or maybe we can work something out?

  2. Pam, I feel your pain! I’ve been wearing fuzzy slippers all day and a fleece! Inside my house! We are so dang spoiled. I love your new layout – it looks so clean. I’ve been thinking of changing mine too, because I think the page is too dark. Stay warm!

    • Awh. . . Laura! I need a hat lol! At least I’ll have the warm stuff for my son’s hockey games so I’ll get a lot of use out of it! I’ve got the slippers and fleece, girlfriend! Thanks, I wanted something lighter so I switched it up :-)

    • Hey! I responded friend and it didn’t show up! Love my fuzzy slippers and robe! Love your latest post. . . great insights. . .from someone who’s been married a long time :-)

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