Watch for Flying Pucks!!!

Okay, wait for it–I freaking love ice hockey! My son got hooked and, subsequently, I did! Probably has something to do with living in SoFlo and loving the fact I can escape the heat for a while and pretend I’m a little farther north every time I go to a game.  Then there’s the lightening speed, agility and wooden sticks slapping small hard pucks that make it beyond exciting. Oh yeah–the checking!

The only downside to the game I have discovered is the whiff of the locker rooms as I head to the appropriate rink. Nothing I can’t deal with (as long as I don’t have to enter). Oh and the stinky gear (most of which can’t be washed and must air dry). While I played soccer when I was young and loved it,  I’m officially a hockey mom (you can’t tell me we don’t rock the look in our hoodies).  Ha-ha.

Whether it’s my son’s high school team (undefeated so far and J scored his first goal tonight), college or NHL, I’m going to be one of those loud (only slightly obnoxious) fans who cheers with enthusiasm! Long live hockey!


3 thoughts on “Watch for Flying Pucks!!!”

  1. I never thought hockey would be my favorite sport but due to my grandson’s joining this year it is. I love feeling invigorated at a sporting event- so cold even when cheering loudly. Thanks, John, for teaching an “old dog” new tricks!!!

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