My Brother

My brother, David, is one of those amazing people you are fortunate to meet once in a lifetime.  I was lucky to grow up with him and we still have a great relationship.  It couldn’t have been easy spending an entire childhood with me.  I was known for my creative fiction:  “sharks” in the deep end of the pool, “hauntings” in the house around the corner, and plastic “bugs” that would await him as he crawled into bed.  However, God forbid, anyone mess with my younger brother!  We got along so well in high school that, many people we worked with, didn’t  know we were brother and sister!  Awesome!  So, this is a tribute to the man who is a best friend, the person who has modeled for me independence and dream pursuing, who works harder than anyone I know, who is the best dad my niece and nephew could ask for, and, who was and is, the most amazing brother a sister could hope for.  Dee, I love you and am so proud of your accomplishments!  Your musical talents are incredible and your intrinsic feats. . . priceless!



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